Get Tough Men’s Conference 2021

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Get Tough Men’s Conference Dates Are

November 5th beginning at  530 pm  thru November 6th at Noon

Speakers are

Pastor Ty Jones

Pastor Bunk Skelton

Pastor Tim Shepard

Dinner Services Begin at 7 PM


Hotel Accommodations can be booked with 

Quality Inn Suites

Mabank Tx

Ask for the “Get Tough Rate” 

Tickets on Sale Now. Click Here for Details and ticket sales.

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If you have purchased tickets as an organization or individual for more than one attendee please click this link and fill out the form as indicated.


If you plan to take advantage of the Shuttle Accommodations from Amarillo AOL, Please provide names and a contact method in this link.

The Keys To Understanding Your Purpose In Life

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To purchase a Signed Copy of Pastor Ty Jones Book

Send a Check or Money Order along with the address you would like the book to be delivered to

Ty Jones Ministries

PO Box 8190

Amarillo Tx, 79114

Most athletic events require the athlete to be in the proper position in order to be successful. Scoring a touchdown requires the receiver to run a specified route so that he will be in the correct position on the playing field to catch the pass from the quarterback. The basketball player receives a strategy from the coach to be in a position to receive the pass in order for him to make the basket. The tennis player anticipates where the next volley from their opponent will come so they might smash it back across the net.

As covenant children of God, we must learn to place ourselves in the correct position to be overcomers and conquerors in life.

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